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Welcome to the Artwork Site that is Associated with Professional Image and www.badgeteam.com. This site is here to help you understand how artwork works along with the types and sizes that are accepted by the company depending on your actual printing needs. We have also included a Badge Design Guide for you to understand what you are getting before you get it with no surprises. You can vary your artwork from these standards, however, you will be charged for a custom badge which will cost a little bit more, but will have all the aspects you are looking for in a Name Badge.

In this site you will find the following information:
  • Home : This is your starting point to easily link to everything you need to know.

  • Artwork : Basic Information needed to provide the correct artwork the first time.
    • Definitions : Ever wondered what those file extentions mean? Now you can find out.
    • Proofs : How proofs are given out for your artwork.
    • Name List : How to create a tab delimited Name List for your Badge Order.

  • Print Processes : The different types of Print Process and the Type of Artwork Accepted for Each.

  • Badge Guidelines : A complete guide to your Badge Design to help eliminate Extra Proofs.
    • Choose Your Style : Choose which Badge you would like to use for your Company.
    • Top Logo : Top Logo Badge Specs by the Style Choosen Above.
    • Side Logo : Side Logo Badge Specs by the Style Choosen Above.
    • At A Glance Guidelines : 1 Complete List of All Badge Styles and the Accompaning Measurements.

  • Upload Form : A Place to upload your Artwork Securly & Can be used for Large files that E-mail will not send.

  • Videos : Training Videos for Parent Webpage on how to place an order or Register New User.